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Wheel Alignments and Strut Replacement in Brooklyn, New York

A damaged suspension on your vehicle can make for an uncomfortable ride and can mean costly problems mounting up if you don't get it seen to immediately. At New Millennium Motors Inc. we have been fixing broken suspension systems since 1986 and can get the problem sorted right away.

The suspension is the system that connects the steering wheel to the wheels underneath the vehicle. If one of the main components, such as the beam, axle or coil spring, stops functioning properly, then it can make driving the car dangerous.

The tell-tale signs of a suspension problem are noises coming from the vehicle's underbelly, the handling of the car not feeling right, and a bouncy feeling while driving. Any problem involving the road-holding and handling of the car can be potentially dangerous and passenger comfort, and safety will be seriously compromised if nothing is done.

It could be that the shocks and struts, the integral parts of the suspension system, have become worn and may even be leaking. In that case, we at New Millennium Motors Inc. will provide new replacement shocks and struts to get your suspension system as good as new. Front end alignment and wheel alignment might also be required.

Another reason for damaged suspension could be that you have a particularly bad pothole in the road that has damaged the shocks and struts, or broken a part of the system. We will give you an estimate for the work required, and if any special parts are needed we will order them. The repair work will normally take about two days.

At New Millennium Motors Inc. we have been in the business of repairing broken suspension systems for many years and our technicians are experts in the field. So if you have a problem you need to be looked at bring it to us. Contact us on New Millennium Motors Inc. for an appointment.

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