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Brake Repair and Replacement in Brooklyn, New York

If any motorist in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island or any other part of New York City has problems with their vehicle's brakes, then we have decades of experience here at New Millennium Motors Inc. and should be the first port of call for top quality repairs.

When you press the brake pedal and it feels spongy then that is a sure sign that the brake calipers are frozen and that air is getting into the braking system. It is one of many problems that can occur with one of the most crucial systems in a car and one we are well used to fixing.

It goes without saying that if the brakes on a vehicle are not functioning properly then the driver and passengers are in a position of extreme danger. So the driver should never wait until it is perhaps too late, the car should always be brought to our specialist brake shop in Brooklyn right away.

If any of the parts need replacing, usually the calipers or the brake pads or the drums, then we always use the highest quality replacement parts. It does not matter what make or model you are driving, whether it is foreign or domestic, we can carry out work on it.

Brake rotors are also vital components which increases braking performance in a vehicle. Sometimes they can be repaired but in most instances, if there is a problem with the rotors we will replace them.

Drivers can tell if they hear a squeaking noise from the brake area, or if the pedal is not depressing properly, that there have been failures in the braking system and should bring their vehicle into us immediately.

Our technicians will check all the parts to see which ones could be worn out or are heating up. They will also check how often the car owner uses the vehicle as that may be a factor in causing brake problems.

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